Lee Valley competition

We went to London to do a Lee Valley indoor competition! We never missed one Lee Valley competition! We went by car with me my sister and my dad. When we got to Lee Valley we registered and put on our new spikes and started to do our warm up and drills. After the warm up we got ready to start the competition. First up was 60m sprint. I was next so I got to my start position. The man said “on your marks”, “set”, “BANG!”. And off I went! I sprinted down the lane to second, I kept on running till the finish line. I had a break until my next event. My next event was Long Jump. I went to the Long Jump area. I measured my run up and waited for my jump. Soon It was my turn, so I got to my position and I ran and jumped! The measuring person measured my jump and they said 3 meters 40 something. Meanwhile it was my second turn so I got ready to so I ran and jumped but unfortunately it was a failed jump. After I left the Long Jump area, I ate my lunch and soon it was my last event which is 200 meter sprint. Before that I did some sprint starts. Meanwhile my event was about to start so I got to my lane and to my position. The man with the gun said “On your marks”, “Set, “BANG, BANG!”. Someone false started on the bang sound. So we had to start again so meanwhile after the bang sound we were running. I was in lane one . I ran round the corner and sprinted down and round the corner again and straight to the finish line. I came second in that race. After I played with some boys until the medal presentation. A GB Athlete which I forgot his name came to give out the the medals. I got Bronze medal. After we got ready to go home. I had a fantastic time and was great fun too!














Our Road Trip to Scotland and Lake District ~ By Kae

Day 1 – In the car

The adventure began.

I felt really happy and relaxed . 

I looked out of the window and saw a animal care centre. Then one of  my favourite song’s came up – it was TRON! I listened to Kaiyuki and Dad talking and at the same time I remembered Kishichacha (our hamster).

When we arrived at the cottage, me, Taiyei and Kaiyuki started to explore the cottage. I got to pick which bedroom I sleep in first.

Favourite parts- walking

One of my favourite part in the forest is the part that has the path, with trees at the side but with moss all over it.   

And also the path that is muddy, wet and steep but this is my most favourite part of it, near the end of path, we saw an amazing view. We saw a locks, trees and the visitor centre.

The other favourite part is when we got so close to the sheeps.

My last favourite part is when we walking up the rocky and streamy part. 

On the last night of Scotland, we saw the Milky Way in the sky. It was great!  




Sports Update

Since moving from London to Northamptonshire during the summer and having to find and settle into a new athletics club, Kaiyuki and Kae have been training really well. At the moment they train twice per week (as opposed to the three times they did back in London), which is great because it gives us a chance to allow them that extra time/day to focus on something else, like gymnastics, yoga, wing chun, parkour, or just relax. We have a key focus on self-learning, so we just go out and experiment.

At their new club, Kaiyuki and Kae have rapidly taken to the new challenge of training and competing against a lot more talented and competetive athletes whilst having fun at the same time of course. Kaiyuki is now breaking sub 9 seconds for 60m, and jumping over 4 metres for Long Jump. He even came 1st in the Club Championships for the U11’s age group. Kae is going from strength to strength and even giving a lot of the boys a run for their medals. She recently got PB’s in 600m, 60m and 200m events. After she turns 9 next year, she will be officially able to compete in her Club Championships, etc. The good thing is that all training and competitions are not serious and they have no pressure elements whatsoever. It’s only when they go into the U13 upwards that things gradually get more serious.

Training at their new club is quite different, with diligent focus for the development group squad on warm ups, games, main activities with mini games, finished by a cool down. It’s a lot of fun, and they are both enjoying it. The combination of technique and game based activities is definitely both beneficial and engaging.

Next weekend we’ll be back down in London for their favourite competition – Lee Valley Minithon – where they will compete in 60m, Long Jump and 200m. It’s their last competition of the year, so we’re going to have a lot of fun and enjoy the moment because it has been a fantastic year for both of them both on and off the track.

My Great-Nan’s Birthday

I was my great-Nan`s  79th birthday, so my sister and I made her a Victorian sponge cake in the morning and the present we got for her was a cardigan, so she is ready for the winter. When we got to our great-grandparent’s house we talked for a bit and had a biscuit and had the cake and it was delicious! Our great-granddad also gave a cake to great-Nan as well. We also watched  a video of our great-grandparents swimming with the dolphins in America. After we watched the video we talked a bit more. Soon we got ready to go home. After we said goodbye to we went home! We had a fantastic time with our grandparents!

Harry Potter Studio Tour and my 10th Birthday

On my birthday I got some Lego, a spy kit, spy glasses, spy guide book, a pocket size microscope and telescope, invisible message writer and developer and a Meccano Turbo remote control car and we watched a slideshow of all my pictures since I was born! I loved all my presents they were fantastic! After we got ready to go out and we went to ………..THE MAKINGS OF HARRY POTTER!

I was so surprised! I couldn’t wait to go inside! So we went inside and it was amazing! all the Harry potter people said Happy birthday and gave me a birthday badge! We collected the tickets and lined up to go inside when we got inside and we watched a little film. After we watched the film I got to open the door to the Great Hall because it was my birthday! then we went through the Great hall the hall when they have the dinner in the film. And then we saw Hagrid’s hut, the Weasleys house The Burrow, potion classroom, costumes, creatures,Hagrids motorbike,Weaslys car, the night bus, privet drive, Ministry of magic, boys Dormitory, Common room, Dumbledore`s office, Chamber of secrets Door, The griffin stairwell, Gringotts vault door, Quidditch stuff, Umbridge`Ministry of magic, Hogwarts Bridge, Diagon Alley and The HOGWARTS Castle Model!

We went back home got dinner and had my birthday  cake!  It was sooooo dilicous! watched Harry Potter and Prisoner of Azkaban and then I played with my presents end went to bed. This Birthday was the best birthday ever!

You can see a few photos on Facebook. Click here!