Training ~ By Kae

Training is going really well! Recently in training we started off with a warm up jog, then we did some technique drills, after that we did a couple of 200 metre sprints and then we did a cool down. Apart from that it is my little brother’s birthday soon! He is going to be 3!!… More Training ~ By Kae

7 Medals at Club Champs Athletics Competition

Last Sunday we took part in our athletic club’s ‘Club Championship’ competition. Kae obtained 4 medals; three silver  medals in long jump, vortex (howler) and 600m, and a bronze medal in 150m. She also gained two personal bests (PBs) in 150m and vortex. So a really awesome performance by her! Kaiyuki obtained 3 medals; two… More 7 Medals at Club Champs Athletics Competition

Our Home Away From Home – Japan 日本

  We’re starting to miss our hometown in Chiba, Japan (Nihon/日本) and wonder how our old friends (tomodachi/友達) are doing. We miss the frogs (kaeru/カエル) croaking, the cicada (semi/蝉) singing and rice fields (tanbo/田んぼ) talking in the breeze. This photo is of the sunset in Yotsukaido, Chiba. We must plan a trip back to Japan… More Our Home Away From Home – Japan 日本

PB’s at Charnwood AC’s Stars of the Future Competition

It was a great day to be competing in the Stars of the Future athletics yesterday. The sun was shining and the venue was none other than Charnwood AC’s state-of-art Loughborough University track. A great atmosphere and electronic timings made for an exciting day. Kae once again put in a determined display with PB performances… More PB’s at Charnwood AC’s Stars of the Future Competition

Starting school ~ By Kae

My Athletics is going well. In our recent training session we started with a jog. Then we did a warm up game. After that we did some technique drills. After that we split into 3 groups, one group did howler, the others did sprints and conditioning. We all rotated in each group. Then we did another… More Starting school ~ By Kae

Summer Holiday ~ by Kaiyuki

The summer holiday has been really fun because we have been going out, meeting friends, Athletic training, relaxing in the garden, doing activities in the library. One day in the summer holiday something happened on my leg, I was brushing my teeth when suddenly the bathroom mirror collapsed from the wall and one of the piece of the mirror sliced a… More Summer Holiday ~ by Kaiyuki