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Athletics Training: Parachute Running

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Recently we did some parachute running for our athletics training. Our usual training consists of a warm up lap, drills (for further warm up and technique focus), followed by sprints (focusing on either 200m, 75m, 60m 0r 100m) and sometimes Long Jump depending on the sandpit conditions. In the above photos you can see us practicing 75m sprints with a running parachute for wind resistance in order to improve our endurance and speed. We only use the parachute for one or two of our sprints in training. It’s not good to over use it!


Design & Make

We’ve been ultra busy recently, but having a lot of fun with athletics training, study trips, eating vegetarian/vegan foods (very refreshing), scouts, and lots more. Our recent project before having a break (half-term) was to design and make something.

Kaiyuki decided to design a small airplane carved out of balsa wood, stuck together with wood glue, painted and decorated all by himself. Kae loves scrap and old boxes and recycling them into new things. For her recent project she created a countryside scene and barn using cardboard boxes, paint and an old sponge.


Back to home education

Oh hi again! It's been a long time since doing  a Blog Post!!!!!!!!

We’ve done lots of things last year: Going camping, moving house, going to Scotland and Lake District, going to Japan, birthday’s, starting Scouts, starting Drama, making new friends, joining another Athletics club, joining Pet Protector Club and so on. Being back at HOMEDUCATION feels great!    

    I cant wait what lies ahead of the year.Past is past, Future is Future. But you never know 
what is going to happen..........

   By KAE